DELAFUENTE is a super cool denim designer of the moment you need to know about. A favorite of Lenny Kravitz and Prince Royce DELAFUENTE has a rock n' roll style that's just as cool at your favorite concert as it is walking around LA during this warm-weather winter were having! With clothing for men and women including jackets, shorts, tees, and of course of sick denim DELAFUENTE is going to be the next thing, so that's why were letting you in on it now!

 Created by Eli Delafuente, DELAFUENTE’s success is comes from Eli’s commitment to learning everything about designing clothes, not just fashion! Changing careers from an auto technician to a clothing designer, he started by learning pattern makings sewing and garment construction, all while still holding down another full-time job. Eventually he was able to pursue his passion full-time, and the DELAFUENTE you’re going to know and love was born! With a focus on denim making interesting, DELAFUENTE artfully crafts unique pieces like inside-on-the-outside ripped jeans with shredded hem, k denim on denim jackets, and a style that’s oh so original